Introducing Damien Telrue

I had so many great photos out of this photo shoot I had such a tough time deciding which ones to post. So i figured I’d just post them all. Meet Damien Telrue… You don’t have to be a twink lover to appreciate this one. Damien and I touched base a few months back with his interest in working with me. I’m happy to report that he’s finally made it in and his first photo shoot was amazing. As soon as I started snapping photos, I knew this one had some major potential. Damien comes from the North West, is 20 years old and stands about 5’9″ tall. Something about this one somewhat reminds me of a young Brent Corrigan. Possibly something in his eyes, maybe just his facial expressions. But a few shots I had to shake off reminding me of the very still hot Corrigan. I’ve seen some great asses in my many years, but I must say that Damien might take the number one spot for the best ass so far. It’s equally proportionate to his body, not too little, not too much, but just right in my book. Damien measures about 7″ cut, and while he states his is versatile, he’s never actually topped a guy as of yet, only bottomed… I have a strong feeling that this one has a good chance at making a good career here in the twink side of things. I noticed he is very angular. He seems to have a different look when looking straight on, compared to his profile. The slightest movement of the camera yields a different look, which I feel is a great photogenic quality. Damien has worked with Helix prior to me, but only did a spanking scene. So I’m happy to report that this actor’s first hardcore scenes will be shot right here in the Afton Nills’ Studio. Keep an eye out for this one. I plan on using this one often, who will also be making an appearance in Twinklight. Cheers for now, Afton

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Introducing Damien Telrue

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