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A dirty book is rarely dusty. Books and the written word have been making people cum loooooong before porn in all of its current options. For some of us, written erotica is still the best kind of sexual exploration. When I was a kid, my first sexual experience was an intellectual one and it was from a book. I still remember the book was a dog-eared, stained, torn, old pulp fiction novel about nuns and priests fucking. I found it hidden under the front steps of my church. I like to think it was tucked away there by a priest or alter boy, lol! The name of the book is, Sister Angela. I stuffed it under my coat and ran home to lock myself in my bedroom. I voraciously read it from cover to cover, stopping to beat my teenage meat at least ten times. I knew I had to share it with my friends. I gathered a few of my horny teenage friends for a sleep over and I read the book to them in a quiet whisper. Everyone started jerking off and that night reading aloud XXX porn to my buds is what initiated all the subsequent romps. I’ve always wanted to write an erotic novel. When I told Hunter my stories, he suggested that we write a book together and we did. That was about four years ago and still today we get pics and letters from people telling us how much they enjoy our book. We recently had a friend over and he didn’t know about our book. He was curious as to how hot it was so I made him test it. I bet him he’d get a boner if he read a passage. Not only did he get a fat hardon, he also laughed. He also got super horny and graciously surrendered his phat bubble ass for us! Never underestimate the power of a good book, especially a hot one! Click here to get your copy.

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I know we named this video “Anal Anger”, but honestly it should also be called, “Awesome Fucking Sex!” Our boy Marco turned out to be quite a surprise in the sack. When we first started chatting with him, I was convinced that he was a shy little closet-case kinda guy. But we soon learned that Marco had a serious reserve of pent-up sexual energy that basically devoured our cocks! Marco has that yes-Sir mentality and y’all know we LOVE that in a guy. Marco loved to get it the way we love to give it; rough, hard, and raw. SO, get your cum rag and settle back with your pants around your ankles. And be ready cuz you’ll need a nap after this power stroke session! xoxo Cole and Hunter

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By far the most common question we get is, “Will we fuck off camera?” And the answer is yes, if you’re willing to do a video showing your sexy face as well as your body, we’ll absolutely fuck you! And after just one video you can cum back as often as you like for as much off-camera ass-fucking your little button can handle! This video was shot randomly with our phones one night when we were chilling with our gorgeous boy, Vic Render. He did a few videos with us already, but we haven’t shared them yet. We’ll tease you and with this little morsel, instead. xoxo Hole and Cunter

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Okay, you guys have been BEGGING us for another, so here ya go; we are pleased to present to you our next vid, Guido Virgin Cherry Pop! You are going to love watching this hot closet-case virgin guido get his ass pounded-out for the first time. We had to train our boy Anthony on everything from how to be ass-ready, how to kiss a man, and how to bottom. We went bananas over his smooth, muscle body, handsome face and deep voice. Hey Anthony, for a straight boy, you really took our dicks like a champ! Hit us up, sexy boy. We’d love to hang again! xoxo Cole and Hunter

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Hey Guyz, I was going thru some of my pics and videos from this summer and found some fun stuff of me and Hunter working out together and getting all sweaty. Much to our surprise and delight, Eli Lewis was in the area so he stopped in to say hi (and as luck would have it he got all hot and sweaty with us!). He’s not only super gaydorable and wicked smaaht; he has some SERIOUS sexual skills (or so we hear). What he did show us was some of his sexy (when you look like him, anything you do is sexy) yoga moves and sexually-charged stretchy poses – ASS UP HIGH AND ARCHED! The moves and positions Eli was getting into made us want to throw-down and pound him out right then and there! But we didn’t; we were perfect gentlemen. But goddamn, goddamn, goddamn!, the next time we see his sexy little ass, he won’t get away so easily. xoxo Hole and Cunter

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Hey Guys, we recently posted a teaser pic of our new bud Archer and you all went nuts asking to see his video. Well, here it is! We met Archer online abut six months ago he would send us hot little videos asking to come do a video. So we finally flew him in to spend a few days with us and man are we glad we did! He did his very first video with us and now he’s diving right into the porn biz and he apparently is loving it. We have no doubt that he’ll be a big hit. Archer is small and muscled and knows what he likes (and how he likes it) in bed. With his big cute smile and serious skills in the sack, we instantly fell in lust with him. You will love this dirty-talking, little pocket jock with a big cock. His hot and hard little hairy muscle ass alone will make you drip precum, but when you see us pound this little stud, you’ll blast all over your keyboard, lol. Leave Archer some love here under this post. I know he’ll be reading all the comments you little piggies leave for him. xoxo Cole and Hunter

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