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Sounds of sex echo from a dark room where Dorian Ferro is worshipping Sean Zevran’s body. Sean’s black mesh body suit tightly sheathes his sculpted physique. It has an opening for his balls and cock, which Dorian slurps noisily. Mirrors multiply their images so many times, you can’t tell which is real and which is reflected. Backless latex briefs showcase Dorian’s scrumptious glutes. The muscles of his back ripple sinuously as he moves his body continuously to better suck Sean’s uncut meat. Dorian’s free hand spreads his own ass cheeks and stretches his hole. Sean unzips; his torso is covered in a dense, dark mat of fur that attracts Dorian’s hands like a magnet. Sean pushes him against a mirror and eats his ass, which writhes and gyrates with a life of its own. A hall leads to another dark chamber with a fucking platform where they leave their clothes behind and connect, cock-to-ass. Raw sexual energy emanates from them in waves. Their muscled, hairy chests glisten with sweat. Sean’s cock pours cum as Dorian catches it in his mouth as his own load rockets forth.

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Labyrinth – Sean Zevran -amp; Dorian Ferro

Russ Magnus was on vacation lying by the pool naked when he picked up hot black muscle hunk, Damien Brooks. Damien's phat black ass was just hanging out at the pool and Russ just had to get in there! Russ and Damien go back to his cottage where Damien starts gagging on Russ's thick uncut cock. You swear this boy hadn't seen cock in months! But Russ was hungry too, so he flips Damien over and shoves his face deep in that hole, tonguing it and getting it ready for some raw cock ! With Damien on his stomach, Russ slides his fat fuck stick deep in that dark chocolate hole and pounds away at his slut hole until he releases some pressure!

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Russ Magnus and Damien Brooks

Beau Saxon waits impatiently for Corey Miles to show up. Eager to get the action started, Beau incorrectly assumes that Luc Russell is his date and they head off together. We see that the match was good when the action continues in the bedroom, where Beau and Luc 69 like a pair of dogs in heat. Luc shows us what a true ‘ass man’ is all about when he rims, probes and finger-fucks Beau’s big round ass. All of the ass-play gets Beau so hot that he begs for Luc’s fat cock. Always a gentleman, Luc obliges, then whips out a big black dildo for Beau to ride until he blows his load all over the bed.

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Rear-Ended – Beau Saxon -amp; Luc Russell

Damien Brooks wanted to break into the bareback porn world and what better top to pair him up with then myself? Damien loves beefy top men and I love PHAT ass black bottoms! Damien interrupted me in bed wearing nothing but hot briefs, with his big ass hanging out and begging for attention. Damien gave my cock some attention first, giving it a good deep throat before I flipped him over and slid my raw cock into that dark deep hole to the balls . That slut hole was begging for a hard pounding and I gave it to him good. All my fans know how this scene ends!

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Tyler Reed and Damien Brooks

Palmer Black has that sweet innocent boy next door thing going on. He’s got a smile that will melt your heart and get the blood pumping to your pants. He plays the clarinet – maybe all that woodwind experience is why he sucks cock like a pro! Big dicked Scotty Knox is definitely enjoying the experience! Scotty lubes up Palmer’s ass with his tongue before pounding his ass bare and then exploding in a tsunami of cum all over the cuties chest.

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Palmer Black & Scotty Knox BAREBACK in Ashville

Always trying to please his superior, blond cutie Jason Goddard brings his priest a hot cup of coffee to his office whilst working hard. Jason has a nervous crush on the father, so much so he gets distracted by his muscled body bursting from beneath his black shirt and spills the hot drink over the desk! Father Giorgio Arsenale has a bad temper at the best of times, something Jason’s always found to make him even hotter, and when told to clean up his mess, Jason jumps to it and is soon found on his knees in front of the towering mountain of muscle! The perfect height to swallow dick, Jason’s dream comes true as Giorgio takes his anger out on the poor choir boy, fucking his throat before taking further action on that peachy ass of his, right over the coffee-laden table! Ramming home his big thick dick, Jason has no option, or inclination, but to take this penance and be thankful for it! Spurting huge amounts of boy juice over himself as the father fucks him hard, Giorgio adds to the spunk and swiftly leaves his office, telling the boy to clean that up as well!

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Priest Office Punishment

When Chris discovered Wilhelm Dragon, his jaw dropped to the floor. In the opening scene for ‘Toolbox Trilogy Vol. 3 – Screwed’ you will see why. Wilhelm, the hottest, hairiest, most tattooed fisting superstar since Corey Jay, squats down on a giant red dildo, forcing is hairy, muscular butt down on what can only be described as a full-on ass splitter. But he does it–over and over, plowing himself silly as his ass lips drag back and forth on the unique toy. His red jock strap, his black boots, and his amazing tattoos all combine with the over-the-top action to create a scene that will stand the test of time! But the toy is only the warm-up to a self fisting that must be seen to be understood. Watch as this stunning man–with his GQ good looks–works himself into a fisting frenzy! The most amazing action since World War II!

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Toolbox 3 – Screwed – Wilhelm Dragon

Inked up and decked out in leather, Sebastian Kross is wandering around the sex club when he sees sexy Jacob Peterson showing off in a tight black jockstrap. Sebastian sets his sights on Jacob, who bends over to expose his smooth sexy ass. Jacob’s tight hole becomes Sebastian’s target, and he moves in, gets down and shoves his entire face between Jacob’s ass cheeks. Spitting and licking on Jacob’s eager center, Sebastian tugs at his cock through his leather chaps and jockstrap. After teasing Jacob’s hole with his massive member, Sebastian crams every last inch of his cock into Jacob’s throat as he lies on his. Sebastian contorts Jacob’s legs in the air so that he can munch on his ass some more while Jacob continues to sucks Sebastian’s cock. Jacob’s hole if fully prepped and he can’t wait any longer, so he gets on all fours and lets Sebastian dick deep into his hot center. Sebastian works up a sweat as he slams Jacob’s asshole in multiple positions. While taking an intense pounding on his back, Jacob shoots his cum all over his body and Sebastian pulls out and unloads all over Jacob’s cock and nut sack.

Excerpt from:
The URGE – Huntin For Ass – Sebastian Kross -amp; Jacob Peterson

It’s jockstraps and eye black in this sporty romp where CK and Kenneth wrestle each other on the bed. Of course CK wins and shoves his cock into Kenneth’s mouth. Kenneth is a total cock pig and sucks it like it was his last meal. He throws CK back and rims his ass. CK’s ready though to start fucking Kenneth with his big bare dick. The intensity is insane as Kenneth rides that cock until CK cums deep inside his ass.

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CK Steel & Kenneth Blake BAREBACK in Providence

Twenty one year old aspiring rapper Kielo Wolfe has always thought about fucking another dude, but decided that his first time would be on film with Rocco Blue. Kielo isn’t a gay for pay guy, he is just a dude that likes men and women both. Rocco shows Kielo how to suck cock then Keilo takes his turn on Rocco’s huge 9 inch uncut cock. When is time for fucking, Kielo slams his black cock into Rocco’s raw hole until he busts his nut all over Rocco’s sweet ass. Keilo stays rock hard and does a naked rap for us.

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Kielo Wolfe & Rocco Blue