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After all this filming I do, my back was hurting so I found this hot muscle jock online – Orlando Ink – to come over and give me a deep massage. It didn’t take long for Orlando to wrap his lips around my thick man meat and get me rock hard. And once he saw my ass in those ass less briefs I was wearing Orlando also had to have a taste of my big hairy ass. I rarely let guys go back there but I can make exceptions when they look like Orlando! Not long after he got a taste of hot ass, I was sliding my thick meat into his bubble butt raw nice and deep . True to my style I was power fucking this muscle bottom and showing him how to give up his sweet hole. As usual I marked my territory and seeded his jock ass deep. It now belongs to me!

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Tyler Reed and Orlando Ink

Macello licks Lucas’ ripped abs as they lie on the bed enjoying each other’s fine Brazilian bodies. Lucas coaxes Marcello’s massive monster cock out of his pants and licks it with gusto and passion. Marcello then throws Lucas against the wall and buries his face deep inside his tight ass. He then slides his cock in – Lucas moans. Lucas jumps on that cock and rides it – his muscular ass rippling with each thrust. Marcello cums on his face a job well done.

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Marcelo Mastro Barebangs Lucas M

What could be hornier than afternoon fuck between friends? Nothing, German pigs Hans Berlin and Florian Hagen think. To make it even more exciting, the two tread the line between subjugation and passion. The blonde porn star Hans eagerly waiting on Florian with a blindfold on his master. He falls directly on the tight hole of his buddy, licking the horny cunt and shoving his fat cock into the pink ass rosette. In all positions, Florian fucks the hot box until it glows. Hans pressing his loins against him and repeatedly popping his muscular ass against him. After Florian squirted his cum in his face, he leaves the apartment and the Hans moves on to finally spray his hot sperm out still with a dildo in his ass.

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Hans Berlin & Florian Hagen

Action from the begining. Marcel is the hot security guy at an exhibition in a dirty dump in Kreuzberg. Newcomer Nikolas does not only look at the art on the walls but can’t take his eyes off the horny porn museums guard. Soon they decide that the big cock fucks the small guy. Marcel doesn’t need long to pump up the little hole of Nikolas.

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Nikolas Baur & Marcel

The boy finds his new encasement very restrictive. A giant military webbing finger trap encases his entire body, leaving him vulnerable to Sir’s mischief. With his ass exposed Sir gives him a butt reddening followed by a full body pummeling.

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