– Free Preview J. Brian’s Golden Boys classic from Bijou Video

Oh, those California golden boys. So young and hot looking especially when so many of them get together by a pool. What happens when these golden boys get together is all captured in this not only classic gay porn video of the 1970’s. This historic J. Brian’s Golden Boys video is brought to you from the Bijou Classic Collection.

What’s historic about this video is not that it’s gay porn of the 1970’s; but that’s it’s the first huge Gay orgy scene ever captured on film; thus leading the way for all other producers and studios to come later to attempt to mimic the scene; and what a scene it is.

The video is really nothing overly flashy. There’s no elaborate sets, no fancy costumes, not a word of dialogue; just the recordings of old radio broadcasts of 70’s beach music.

J. Brian just gets a bunch, and I mean more than a dozen, probably as many as two dozen, young guys together at a house pool party. All types of young guys between the ages of 18 and 25, tall, short, swimmer’s build, average build, average cocks, big cocks, cut and uncut cocks, who strip down and just hang out together.

It’s not long before the guys start playing around that the cameraman has more to shoot than he has film in his camera. The boys are doing it everywhere. In couples, in multiple groups, sucking, fucking, just having a good ole’ time without a care in the world. That’s all there really is one massive orgy, that goes down in the history books.

Also on this video are two other shorter features. The Hide-Away Bed and Tall John, Little John. Both are simple basic suck & fuck videos; and I mean simple !

In Hide-Away bed a bearded stud brings home this young, swimmer build guy. Once the door is closed they get it going on the couch. Our young guy has been stripped and the action is heating up so, not worry the couch is the bed and the two continue with some feverish cock sucking and young guy getting his smooth tight ass fucked.

As for Tall John, Little John, it jumps right into the action of this salt and pepper, tall, daddy type who is sucking this young, average, smooth body boy type on the bed. They start rolling about and daddy fucks the young stud smooth, little ass. They both shoot their loads and that’s it, our young stud escorts his tall fucker out the front door.

As I said before, there’s nothing overly elaborate about these videos in comparison today’s videos. They are simply done, though with good camera angles capturing the action. There’s no silly dialogue, just a musical track in each segment.

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