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Featuring all American 18-23 year-olds in male on male hardcore action.

8teenboy was nominated for GAYVN awards two years in a row. 8teenboy produces a new movie approximately every 5 weeks releasing over 40 titles available online and in stores. 8Teenboy appeals to the vast twink market.



Nature gets naughty as you cruise for cock down twink filled trails with beautiful young boys looking for hard banging, bareback action! This gorgeous gathering of gifted guys are young, hung and on the hunt in the great outdoors. Big dicked and unafraid of danger, these extroverts dangle their big bait and always bring home a cock hefty catch. Our orgasmic outdoorsmen park their perfect pieces deep inside smooth asses for rock hard, raw dog recreation. Rumps are rimmed and well ridden while giant redwood sized schlongs disappear deep inside hungry holes. Every scene in this slam packed sex-fest is an organic bareback fuck frolic, each culminating with every tasty twink drowning in white hot waterfalls of passionate pleasure.

Starring: Jay Thompson, Jared Scott, Alan Davis, Devin Lewis, Adam Hunt, David Rhodes, Bryce Foster



In this line of work I see a lot of super hot little twinks running around, but none has gotten my tongue wagging like little Tommy Anders. Ok, so I haven’t yet met him in person, but I think I know all I need to about how perfect he is. Tight little ass, sweet tasty mouth and ultimate body, Tommy is perfect in my eyes.

Helix and 8teenBoy knows what to do with him and they pair him up with cuties like Chad Stevens and Tristan Sommers and just lets the magic happen in Fucking Twinks 2.

It seems to be Valentine’s Day in August as the boys of Helix pair up for Bareback Lovers 2! Featuring 10 hot guys (including man about town Dillon Samuels) director Keith Miller has 90 minutes for you to slap and tickle yourself blind!

Get yourself something nice with fewer calories than that stupid box of chocolates!

So, here it is, August already, and we are heading back into the school year. The big discount stores are ripe with the aroma of new notebooks and backpacks, and I can’t wait for the local university to get back in session!

That tingling sensation in your pants is due to FratBoy and Fuckin’ Fratboys 2! I need a little course refresher and these boys are the ones to help me! Isn’t that part of their greek system duty?

I’m not a big fan of spanking videos, but Keith Miller at Spank This has managed to line up some hot guys to get swatted in the naughty film Spanking Tutors. 4 of the 5 scenes in this film are pure spanking as hot twinks get their butts beaten ruby red. The last scene is a decently hot action scene where the tutor becomes the teacher!

Needing a little help with your math lesson? I’m sure these boys will help!

Having just signed up for classes at the local junior college to freshen up my web skills (ok, i’m also taking a beginning ballet class … don’t laugh) I can’t wait for those sunny school days where boys in fraternities gather on the grassy knolls to toss around a football or two between classes. Ah, good times, good times. School doesn’t start until August, however, so to get you in a pre-back to school mode, please enjoy Fratboy‘s recent film Fuckin’ Fratboys 2!

Cutie and all around nice guy Trystian Sweet leads the pack of horny school boys waiting for the chance to romp with each other. See it for yourself:

Of course you do! And that’s what the boys at 8teen Boy were banking on when they put together Cum On My Face 2, a follow-up to their super successful Cum On My Face!

7 uber hot boys including Ricky Cruz and Chad Stevens have joined together to make a summer hit that’s sure to make a splash; well of man seed, that is! There are tons of twinks on the bed and couch and floor, what more could you ask for?

Here’s a little sample of the paste:





8teenboy is proud to bring you Twink Playmates, a widescreen presentation of 5 dynamic scenes. This sweet DVD brings together some of my favorite rising stars like Aaron Tyler and Trystian Sweet and let’s them do it the way boys do it. These twinky sweethearts fuck and suck like their lives depend on it.

Look what they’ve got for you:





Helix Studios has done it again! Bringing together a few of the hottest twink models is hard work, but somehow Helix pulls 11 together for an AMAZING film! We love some Euro twinks and this film has them all from Andy Smith to Scott Davis and Alex Russian, UK Playmates has a little twink for everyBODY!