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Waking up on the day of his departure, sexy young Danny Montero's butt is still aching from his hard fucking the afternoon before, but that doesn't mean his dick it out of use, and it's already hard – something has to be done about it, he can't arrive at the airport packing meat! Rubbing his hands up and down his smooth olive skin, our handsome star soon shows us his delicious cut dick, teasing us as he strokes it harder and harder , and things just get better when he reaches for a dildo, his ass obviously feeling hungry again! Pushing it deep into his tasty butthole, Danny end up upside-down and jerking himself, aiming for his handsome face but getting his neck and chest, massaging it into his skin.

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Alone Time

After seeing Louis wanking the cum from his cock in his solo we really wanted to have him back for a fuck, and when Luke saw the guy and heard the discussion he was volunteering to get that dick in his ass! Hung Luke takes it well, showing young Louis how it’s done. Louis unloads over Luke’s tight body, then gets a taste of Luke’s mess as a reward! Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie! After seeing Louis wanking the cum from his cock in his solo we really wanted to have him back for a fuck, and when Luke saw the guy and heard the discussion he was volunteering to get that dick in his ass! Stars: Louis Luke

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New Boy Louis Fucks Luke

Taking a break on a very sexy stock take, slim young Marco DuVaul relaxes on the chair, tossing his clipboard aside he leans back and whips out his already growing cock for us! Softly stroking it, we see it get harder and harder in his hands as his pumps his fully erect, long shaft as he remembers his horny time with Mickey Taylor earlier that week. Waving his huge dick in our faces as the camera zooms right up from beneath him, so close we could almost lean forward and lick his hairless balls and perfectly smooth butt hole! Almost reading our minds, Marco takes us into the next room where a fantastically horny clear fleshjack is waiting as he slowly slides inside, we see every inch slide deep, his throbbing tip almost bursting out the end as he bucks and fucks the thing for us, letting us see his smooth slim body slide down to his crotch and pumping meat! Not finished yet, Marco whips out a thick dildo and bounces like a twink possessed on top of it, right down to the balls, still jerking away and squirting his juice all over the place mid-bounce, almost swallowing the whole thing as his butt puckers and spasms with the escaping spunk!

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Fleshjack Solo Shows off Giant Dick

21 year old Tim Law bears a striking resemblance to a young Sinead O’Connor, of whom, he admits he’s never heard… ah we’re getting older hehe. Tim, however, doesn’t sing, but he does know how to dance. Enjoy his solo and we look forward to him back in an action set very soon.

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Tim Law

Teen boy Sydney is ready to show you what’s bulging under his briefs in this video. He gets his twink tool out for a play on the couch, the camera getting up-close-and-personal to all the solo action.

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Thugged out and well-hung teenager Henry lets you spy on him as he masturbates in this solo display of twink action. Who wouldn’t sign up for a turn on that hot cock?

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Lucky Joe is a scally lad who likes showing off. He starts by getting his stuff together and showing us around his bedsit. With trackies and trainers all over the place, he gives us the grand tour, changing into his sports kit; football shorts and socks. He lets his big hard dick hang out for us to enjoy, stroking himself as he gets his trainers on. Joe then takes us down to the basement of his building — still sporting that huge bulge — where he shows us the mattress he used on a previous encounter . Apparently it was a hot experience as the memory makes his dick quiver and ooze pre-cum as if it were flowing from a tap! Blowing smoke into our faces, this filthy Frenchman slaps and pulls his cock and balls for us until he shoots, leaving the floor covered in spunk. If that’s not love, we don’t know what is.

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French Scally Lad Lucky Joe

Our newest find on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Model Search is a virgin. Seriously! He still wanted to try porn so we snapped him up for this solo. He’s a ex-gymnast so you know he’s got a hot body and he strokes a masterful load out for us here. He’s looking for someone to share his first time with and by the looks of this solo he’s going to have plenty queuing up!

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Seth Jacobs Solo

When you take a deep, long look into Delta Kobra’s eyes, you can’t help but fall a little bit in love with the man. He looks like a mean fucker, a bruiser, the type of man that will beat you up just for looking at him cross-eyed but nothing could be further from the truth. The guy’s a true gent. A native of Brazil, Delta is sexy as fuck and passionate about everything he does, especially sex! He’s a self-proclaimed total top but we’re working on that. Luckily, he has no hang ups about showing off his sweet, sweaty fuckhole as well as his fat, rock-hard cock. I’ve been wanting to get him alone and all to myself for a while now and I finally got him. At long last! We gave him a sex toy from the Jonnostore and he loved it, using it to edge closer and closer to his cum shot. And for that, we made sure to position three different cameras in strategic spots to make sure you caught him shoot his goo all over his sexy, hairy belly, from every angle. And after the mess Delta makes, we’re pretty sure you’ll wish you had been there to help clean him up. Slurrrppp. Hmmm. Yum.

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Alone At Long Last With Delta Kobra